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Welcome to Assyrian Athletes
This website was developed to allow Assyrians all around the world to come and see our talented athletes. Since we are scattered all over the globe, it is hard to keep in touch and learn about our athletes.

Time and time again, our athletes go on in their professional careers never to be heard of or cheered for. Here you will have a chance to see, follow, and cheer for them as they go through their journey in their professional careers. You will be able to read their amazing stories, learn of their struggles, and hard work to make it to the top. You will be able to communicate with them and give them encouragement.

We hope this website will give our family, friends, and most of all, our youth the chance to see that dreams can come true, and goals can be reached by working hard and believing in yourself.
New Registered Athlete(s)
Ramsen Golpashin
Vasili Shoumanov
Anwar Oshana
Sammy Merza
Isho Shiba
Zaya Younan