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About Us
Assyrian Athletes started as an idea. An idea about having a place where all Assyrians can come and learn about professional Assyrian Athletes. The idea started back in the summer of August 20, 2004 by Zaya Younan and Michael Aushana. Zaya and Michael met back when they were in IRAN at one of the camps. As both Zaya and Michael's family escaped from IRAQ to try and get to Canada.

Zaya Younan is one of the top professional Assyrian Athletes in boxing here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is one of the first professional Assyrian Athletes to win international boxing competitions all around the globe in his weight class. You can read all about him here on Assyrian Athletes by visiting our "Boxing" section and clicking on his photo.

Michael Aushana on the other hand, a Computer Scientist that works as a professional Web Developer/Programmer here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada descided to take the idea and make it a reality.

This idea has now grown into something that we as Assryains can be proud of and cherish. There are many bad things happening in the world and we need something positive in our life. As Assyrians, we've been through it all, and we always manage to survive and together stay strong. This is why we need to know about our people and what we can do to help. Our athletes need to be supported so they can go on building a positive path in a world that's not so positive for generations to come.

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